My Journey in Finding The Woman Within


About The Book

Who are you?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you happy with the reflection staring back at you?

In this must-read book, Shauna shares the torment she once felt in who she was brought up to believe she would be, where in actual fact, it was in complete conflict with who she eventually accepted herself as.

Shauna provides insight into the pressure bestowed upon a child with a conflicted gender identity and the pain-filled path she walked to eventual happiness.

You Say Different – I Say Individual will take you through the complex life journey Shauna had to navigate, including the cover up of various issues relating to her gender identity disorder; her sexuality, dating and relationships, her medical health, and mental health as a transgender woman.

This important and engaging book is aimed at educating and informing its readers on a topic that has been considered taboo and misunderstood for far too long.





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About Shauna

Over the course of Shauna’s life, she has met with elements that most would struggle to deal with as single events. Events such as an early childhood loss of a parent; sustaining abuse in the Catholic education system; suffering the dreadful loss of a teenage younger sibling to suicide; sexual assault as a young adult; and, all while growing up with the internal torment of not knowing who she really was, and if there was a place in society for her to belong.

Any one of these events would be enough to break someone’s strength and will to live. Even with losing access and contact with her youngest son before he turned nine years of age as part of a bitter divorce, Shauna has managed to battle these demons and come out the other side as a survivor.

In her professional life as a nurse, Shauna is now a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in society, and particularly, in the healthcare sector. She shares her lived experiences of growing up in a society that was extremely judgmental and discriminating and the effects this can have on an individual and their relationships with others. Shauna is passionate about the rewards for all involved, if everyone goes through both their personal, and professional lives, with open eyes and open hearts.

As Shauna approaches retirement over the years ahead, she hopes to have left an indelible impression on those she has interacted with. She wants others to see and believe in their own self-worth and that the opinions of others do not define them as valued members of society.

Those mountains you see as too high and too steep to climb can, although difficult and emotionally draining, be conquered. Do not give up on yourself and think it’s all too hard.

Life is too short to be a victim to your own self-doubts. You can get to what is in your reach, if you just believe.